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We listen to customer feedback and work to add new features all the time, with all updates free to existing customers.

Since the initial launch the following features have been added or expanded with all updates free for existing customers.
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Find more with 'Smart Search'

Smart search learns as you use the Tracker2Go app.

The more you use the app the quicker it gets, bringing products you have used before to the top of search results and correcting common spelling mistakes to help you find what you are really looking for.
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Intelligent favorites (or 'favourites' in England and Canada!)

When you tap the food icon Tracker2Go will automatically list your favorite products. Enter a single letter for the search term and it will list all your favorites beginning with that letter. Enter two or more letters and the app will do a full search.

We call this 'intelligent favorites', designed to make it easier and faster than ever to add the products you eat on a regular basis.
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Tracker2Go is a truly 'Universal Application'

With Tracker2Go for iOS plaforms you get an app that will work with your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

You do not need a separate 'HD' as the universal app automatically detects the device it is installed on and displays the HD interface on the iPad, the retina display on newer iPhones and iPods, whilst the standard display is used on older iPhones and iPods.

Whatever your device both now, and in the future, you can get the most out of it with Tracker2Go.
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Add exercise to receive additional calories.

The app includes an extensive list of exercises you can add to the diary to receive calorie credits, or if you have a device that tells you how many calories you have used you can add this as a custom exercise.

Exercise credits are automatically adjusted to take into account your current weight, age and gender so you get a true picture of the energy you have used.
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Whats Next for Tracker2Go?

We appreciate in a very fast moving world we were quite late bringing Tracker2Go to the mobile market. In what is already a crowded market, Tracker2Go needs to stand out.

Quite simply we will not rest until we consider Tracker2G to be the best weight loss app for mobile devices currently available.

We are concentrating on adding features one by one, making sure everything we do app works well. We are focused on keeping the application on that is easy to use which can often be a problem when apps become larger and over complicated.

Tracker2Go is currently discounted in the App Store with all users are entitled to free updates for future versions and access to one of the best product databases available with no monthly or recurring fees.

We have also just released a version of Tracker2Go for Android phones, and we will be supporting Android tablets very soon and expanding support for more phones with different screen resolutions.

The iPhone version is also undergoing a transformation and will take on the iOS7 and iOS8 style shortly and support the full retina resolution on all iPad models soon.

We see the future for Tracker2Go as very bright and hope you consider it when looking for a diet app.
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