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Tracker2Go for iPhone, iPad and Android

Say hello to our latest App, Tracker2Go. A new diet tracking app for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Designed to compliment the Perfect Diet Tracker, Tracker2Go helps you track your diet and exercise and take control of your weight using your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Key App Features

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Works with, or without the Perfect Diet Tracker

Tracker2Go is the only mobile app designed to work with the Perfect Diet Tracker, however it is also a fully functional app in its own right!

If you have both the Perfect Diet Tracker and Tracker2Go you can use the new sync feature to keep your diary, food and exercise databases in sync over your local network.

If you want to use Tracker2Go without the Perfect Diet Tracker, feel free!
worldwide support

Full international support

Like its big brother, Tracker2Go has built in international support. The app can work in pounds, kilos or stones and accepts user measurements in feet and inches or meters. When adding products you can work with standard serving sizes, grams, ounces, kilos and more.

Would you prefer to work with calories or kiloJoules? You decide. The international food database contains products for countries throughout the world including US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australasia and more.
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No internet connection required

Tracker2Go can work with, and without an internet connection.

When you are 'offline' the app uses a local database stored on your phone which includes a comprehensive core food database and any products you have added in the past while online.

When you are back online the app offers to expand the search to the internet to get full access to all available products. As all items retrieved during an internet search are added to the offline database, the more you use the app, the more products become available when offline!
Personal diet plan

Create a personal diet plan

Tracker2Go has a five stage setup process where it will ask for details such as your gender, height, weight and age, and then suggest a personal diet target based on your current situation and your weight loss target.

If you want to adjust your targets, or update your weight you can do this quickly and easily from within the app. Tracker2Go puts you in control.
Food diary

Track what you eat with the food diary

Track your diet, adding items you eat or drink to the food diary. With over 100,000 products in the food database, adding items is quick and easy.

If you have both the Perfect Diet Tracker and Tracker2Go for iOS, any products you add manually to the desktop software are automatically transferred to your iPhone or iPad when you sync.
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