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Track Blood Pressure Readings

You can track more than just your weight loss and measurements using the tools provided in the Perfect Diet Tracker.

Many users start a calorie controlled diet to lose weight and help lower their blood pressure.

If you would like to track your blood pressure, along with your weight loss simply following the steps below.

Click in the ‘Update Results’ button in the main diary


This button is to the left on the diary, just below the main Perfect Diet Tracker icon.

Select the ‘Add another item to track’ option.


You will see a screen similar to the one above. It may be slightly different as you may be tracking your weight in kilos, or stones and pounds, but the basic layout will be the same.

Locate the ‘Add another item to track’ option and select the + button next to it.

Add an entry for the systolic blood pressure reading


Enter the name and units for the first of the blood pressure readings, the systolic measurements. This is the first of the two measurements.

Click create to create the additional field.

Add an entry for the diastolic blood pressure reading


Repeat the previous step and add an entry for the second, lower blood pressure reading, the diastolic measurement. Like the systolic measurement the units are usually mm Hg.

Click create again to create this field.

Update your results


You have successfully created the two new fields, and can now update your blood pressure readings within the software whenever you update your weight or measurements.

Once you have added your first measurement, try pressing the ‘view results’ button in the diary to see how the results are recorded alongside your weight progress. You can also use the additional graphs tab in the results screen to view a chart of your progress.

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