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Log in to a user account – The Login Window

The Login Window is usually the first screen you will see. You can use it to open a users account, create a new user or delete an existing account. You can also check to see if you have the latest version, or restore a backup.

Perfect Diet Tracker Login Window


The ‘login’ window is the first screen you will see when you start the software.

You can use this screen to open a users account, create a new user, delete a user or restore a backup. You can also check which version of the software you have, and check to see if a newer version is available.

Opening a users account


Opening a user account is easy.

Simply select the users name from the drop down box (1), then click the login button (2).

If the user has a password you will be asked to confirm it at this stage. When the password is verified you will then be taken to the users diary.

If you are the only user on this computer and would like to bypass the login screen you can select the ‘Enable Auto Login’ box (3) and the software will automatically log you in the next time you start the software.

Creating a new user account


To create a new user account simply click the ‘New user’ button, this will then start the new user setup wizard and take you through the steps you need to set up the new user.

There is no limit to the number of users in the Perfect Diet Tracker software.

Checking to see if you have the latest version of the software


The current version number of the software you have is shown on the top right corner of the login screen.

Simply click the version number and the software will check online to see if there are any upgrades available.

Restoring a backup file


You can also restore a backup file created earlier using the ‘Restore backup file’ option.

This option is found at the bottom of the user selection box (1). When you select the option the software will then ask you to specify the location of the zip file containing the information you would like to restore. Restoring a backup will overwrite any existing saved information.

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