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Include internet search results

The Perfect Diet Tracker has an extensive built in food database, however to make the most of the software we recommend you enable the internet search feature to add specific search results for your location.

Enabling the internet search


When enabled, the internet search is something you will not see as it works transparently in the background, but will definitely appreciate as it checks the internet for product matches relevant to your location, adding them to your search results.

The first time you search a box will appear to ask you if you want to enable the internet search, simply click the ‘Enable’ button to enable this feature.

Don’t worry if your computer is not always connected to the internet, the software will only attempt an internet search when it detects a valid internet connection, when no connection is available it will continue to work with the local food database which will contain copies of any previous searches.


If you want to turn the feature on or off in the future you can do so from the main options menu.

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3 Responses to “Include internet search results”

  1. Nik Snowden says:

    Any progress on the recipe module as I make a lot of home made juices and smoothies

  2. admin says:

    Its being beta tested at the moment Nik, I understand the pre-release version will be available late next week.

  3. admin says:

    Just to update this thread, the new group & recipe module is now available in the v3.2 release.

    This can be downloaded from our main site at

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