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The ‘Help’ Menu

The following options are available in the Help menu.

Online Help

Selecting this option in the software will open an internet browser window and load this website.

Buy a license

This option will start your web browser to visit to find out how, and where you can buy a license for the Perfect Diet Tracker software.

Enter registration key

After you have bought the Perfect Diet Tracker you can use this menu item to enter your registration key and activate the full version of the Perfect Diet Tracker software.

For more details on how to register the software please refer to the ‘Registering’ section of this document.


If you would like to contact us, use this menu option to start your web browser visit and view the current support options.

Check for updates

This option will connect the software to the internet and check for available updates.

By checking for updates on a regular basis you can ensure you have the latest version with all available features and the latest food database.

Visit website

This option will start your web browser so you can visit the website.


The ‘about box’ contains information about the Perfect Diet Tracker application, the current version number and credits the people who have made this application possible.

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The Perfect Diet Tracker View Menu

The following options are available in the ‘View’ menu

Go to today

Takes you to the current day in your diary.

Make diary text bigger

This option will enlarge the size of the text used in the diary.

Make diary text normal size

This option will change the size of the diary text to the default size.

Make diary text smaller

This option will make the diary text smaller.

Hide / Show nutritional information panel

This option toggles the visibility of the information panel located at the bottom of the diary window.

The default option is ‘show’.

Hide / Show notes

This option toggles the visibility of the notes panel at the base of the diary window.

The default option is ‘hide’.

Restore default view

This option resets the position and size of the diary window, and the size of the text used to the default settings.

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The ‘Options’ Menu

The following options are available in the Options menu.

Edit settings

If you want to change your user details after the initial user setup, you can do so by selecting this option.

You can change your password, age and height, country, the location of the data files and much more.

Update your results

The update your results option lets you update your current weight and track other measurements.

We recommend you update your weight on a weekly basis, this helps the software calculate the current daily calorie recommendation and keeps the results graphs up to date.

Change your goals (adjust targets)

If you want to alter the amount of weight you want to lose or gain, or perhaps increase or decrease your current activity level (for example you may want to increase your activity level if you are going on holiday and will do a lot of walking) you can do so by selecting the ‘change your goals’ menu item.

View your results

View your results lets you see your progress so far.

Change target nutritional profile

If you are working on a specific diet that has a different target nutritional profile to the default settings you can alter the target using this option.

You can also access this menu item by using the small ‘spanner’ icon to the bottom right of the target nutritional profile pie chart.

Internet search options

This option lets you turn the internet search option on and off.

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The ‘Edit’ Menu

The following options are available in the Edit menu.

Food search (Find)

Selecting food search allows you to search for a food product to add to the diary.

Add food from your favorites / favourites

This option will display a window with foods you have previously entered into your daily diary.

This can be a fast way to select foods you eat on a regular basis.

Add food from a group

This option will show the groups and recipe manager. The manager lets you create a new group or recipie, add and remove items from the group, and insert all, or a portion size (for example 1/8th) into the daily diary.

Add exercise

Add exercise lets you add activities to the diary. Activities can increase your calorie allowance, but should only be added where they are in addition to your activity level selected during setup.

If you want to change your current activity level please refer to the ‘change your goals’ section in the options menu.

Duplicate selected

Duplicate selected creates a duplicate (copy) of the currently selected item in the diary.

This can be either food or exercise, and once duplicated you can double click on the item to change the quantity.

Delete selected

Delete selected removes the currently selected item from the diary. You can also do this by selecting an item and using the delete key.


Copy places a copy of the currently selected item in the clipboard.

You can also use the copy item to copy food items between days and even between users.


Paste will paste the contents of the clipboard into the currently selected field.


Clear empties the currently selected box.

Clear does not delete a food item from your diary, for this use delete instead.

Update history

23 October 2009: Updated groups entry for version 3.2

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The ‘File’ menu

The following options are available in the File menu.

Create new user

Selecting this option will log out the current user, and start the new user wizard so you can add a new user.

Switch user

The switch user menu item will return you to the login screen so a different user can log in.

Log out

Logout will return you to the login screen. If you have a password, we recommend you log out when not using the software.


The print option will open the print window.

You can then select a report to print and the date range for the reports.

Backup your data

This option lets you backup your data. We recommend you backup on a regular basis.

The backup option is also a good way to move the data between computers.

Restore backup file

If you have a backup file you want to restore, this is the option you need to select.

Import new food products

The import new food products lets you import food data files created by other users of the Perfect Diet Tracker.


Selecting quit will close the Perfect Diet Tracker

Reset preferences

The software creates ‘preference files’ as it works to store your preferences, for example if you wish to use the internet search option or not. You can use this option to reset the preference files so the software reverts to a ‘just installed’ state.

Your diary data will not be affected by this option.

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