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Apptorial Video – Getting Started

The guys over at Apptorial have created a great new ‘getting started’ video for the Perfect Diet Tracker.

The video covers how to create a new user, and how to get started with the daily diary including searching and adding food items, and exercise.

It’s a great way to quickly start using the Perfect Diet Tracker.

This video is also available on the Apptorial website.

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Whats new in Version 3?

Version 3 of the Perfect Diet Tracker is a substantial update with over 300 improvements to the existing version.

Here are some of the improvements and new features, in no particular order….

New and improved diary window


The main diary window has been upgraded and now makes full use of the available space.

Both food and exercise have been integrated into the improved search system, simply enter the product or exercise you are looking for into the search box and the diet tracker will do the rest.

Day notes have been added so you can now add notes for each day, and the information panel has been improved and expanded to include a breakdown of the calories consumed and exercise credits.



Improved search and add products section


Behind the scenes and core to the new version is the new improved smart search system that learns which products you prefer and gives these priority making the software even easier to use on a day to day basis.

The add products window has also undergone significant changes to make adding foods to your diary easier through a clearer window.

Are you tracking exercise?


If you are tracking exercise along with your diet you will appreciate the new exercise window.

Exercise is now included in the core search system, and like the food product window we have worked hard to improve the exercise window to make adding exercises easy.

Update your weight, and anything else!


The update results screen has seen a major overhaul.

Along with your weight and the previous ‘fixed’ options of chest, hip and waist measurements you can now track an unlimited number of additional items, simply adding new fields or deleting the ones you do not want to track.

Any additional fields you add can be charted later in the reports section.

New reporting options, better graphs and charts!


The reports section has been totally re-written to allow the tracking of unlimited fields, and integrate our new graphs and charts.

All graphs and charts can be viewed in detail and printed, the BMI screen has also been improved to improve the clarity of the report.

Under the hood

The reports section has been totally rewritten to allow for the tracking of unlimited fields, and integrate our new graphs and charts.

All graphs and charts can be viewed in detail and printed, the BMI screen has also been improved to improve the clarity of the report.

Windows, Mac or Linux


It doesn’t matter what sort of computer you have, the Perfect Diet Tracker will work, and has been optimized for your computer.

Version 3 improves ‘cross platform’ support, each platform has its own build with identical features but small optimizations so it works in the way you would expect an application to work on your machine.

The window controls are in the right place, buttons in the right order and the fonts used are those used by your system, all steps designed to make using the new version seamless and easier than ever.

And the rest?

To view all the features the best option is to download the new free trial version.

Don’t worry if you have used the software before and that trial expired, version 3 has its own new trial period so you can try it again.

We hope you enjoy the all new Perfect Diet Tracker!

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Differences between the Windows, Mac OS X and Linux Versions

We are frequently asked if there are any differences between the Perfect Diet Tracker for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.




There are no significant differences other than the appearance of the display windows.

Windows and Mac OS X tend to place certain items such as the window maximize, close and minimize buttons in different places and we have ensured these buttons are placed where the user would expect to find them on their operating system.

Apart from this, the versions are identical. You can use the backup option in the Windows version of the Perfect Diet Tracker, then restore this backup to the Mac or Linux versions and vice versa, and if you change computer in the future from one platform to another you can take your Perfect Diet Tracker with you.

Most of this help site has been written on a Mac, so the screen shots tend to be from the Mac version, but the Windows version works in exactly the same way.

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