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Adding food from the favourites list

You can access the favorites (or favourites depending on your location) window using the button found at the top right of the main diary screen.

It lets you quickly add products you have used before to your daily diary.


The tabs (1)

Along the top of the window you will see tabs, ‘TOP’, ‘AB’, ‘CD’ etc. Selecting the ‘TOP’ tab will list the products you use the most often. As you use the software this feature becomes increasingly useful as the software is effectively getting to know your favorite products.

The ‘AB’, ‘CD’ etc tabs list the food items you have added by their first letter, ‘AB’ lists products starting with A or B.

The ‘Groups’ tab – version 3.1 or earlier

The groups tab in all versions prior to v3.2 contains a list of the groups you have created in the main diary.

Groups can contain two or more items.

For example if you have a recipe you eat on a regular basis you can select a date in the past with no data and add all the ingredients to the diary. You can then select all the ingredients and use the group button to group them. The name you give to this group will then be listed in this tab, so you can simply select it later. All the recipe parts will be added to your current diary.

Groups are very flexible and used correctly can save you time, another example of a common use for the group option would be coffee with milk, or bread with butter.

The ‘Groups’ tab – version 3.2 or later

The groups tab in version 3.2 or later now takes you to the dedicated groups and recipe manager.

The groups and recipe manager lets you create new food groups, add or remove items from the groups, and insert the groups into your diary either as a ‘whole group’ or in partial, or multiple units (for example 1/8th of a pie).

For more information on the new groups and recipie manager click here.


Adding an item to your diary


The easiest way to add your favorite items to your diary is to drag them from the top box into the bottom box (the blue box).

You can change tabs to list different foods and simply drag any products you want to add to the current day into the blue box.

You can also double click an item to add it, or select an item and click the ‘Add’ button.

If you want to change the meal title selection for any item in the blue box simply click the arrow next to the meal name, if you add a product to the blue box by mistake you can select it and click the ‘Remove’ button to remove it.

Once you have all the products in the blue box simply click the ‘Add selected products to diary’ button.

The tool buttons


The tool buttons can help you make the most of the favorites window.

(1) Add

Adds the currently selected item to the blue box.

(2) New favorite / favourite

The items in your favorites automatically appear when you add products to your diary, however if you want to add a favorite product without adding it to your diary you can use the ‘New favorite’ button.

(3) Remove

The items in your favorites automatically appear when you add products to your diary, if you would like to remove an item you can use the ‘Remove favorite’ button.

(4) Search

The search button will ask you what you are looking for, then search your favorites for the desired item.

(5) Expand and compress

Each item in your diary is automatically added to your favorites. This can result in multiple entries for common products that differ in serving size or the selected meal. When the listings are compressed only a few of the more popular listings for each item are shown so you can add them and change the meal or quantity to suit later. If you click the ‘Expand’ button all listings will be shown.

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Add food to the Perfect Diet Tracker food database

The Perfect Diet Tracker has an extensive and growing database, however there are times when the product you are looking for will not be found in the current database and you will need to add its details.

We have made the addition of new food products as easy as possible, with custom screens for different countries to try to match the product labelling and order whenever possible.

If you are in the US or Canada the form you see will be slightly different.
Click here for specific help adding new products in the US or Canada.

Select the add new product link


Start by selecting the ‘Add new product’ link to open your regional add product window. The ‘Add food’ window will also start automatically if the search has been unable to find any matches for a product

Enter the product information


Brand (1)

Enter the brand name. The Perfect Diet Tracker will automatically suggest possible brand names, or you can enter a new name.

Product description (2)

Enter a description for the product. The brand will automatically be added to the end of the description later so you do not need to enter the brand again into the description.

We recommend you enter the description in the same format as the foods already in the database to keep things consistent and easy to find in the alphabetical search listings. This format is the food product type first, then a comma, then the details, for example ‘Soup, Tomato, Packet’.

Typical values (3)

Most product packaging will quote typical values per 100g or ml, so you can simply select grams (for a solid) or milliliters (for a liquid). If you are entering a product such as a fast food item where the information is quoted per item (for example xxx calories per burger) you should select the serving option.

Data fields (4)

The order of these fields may be different depending on the country you have selected, but the information is the same. Enter the information from the product packaging.

Serving size (5)

Enter the suggested serving size, for example ‘1 can’ and ‘330 ml’. If the serving size is quoted as 1 item is xxx calories, you can select the calories option and the software will calculate the number of grams per serving automatically for you.

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Adding food items to the diet diary

Adding food items to the diary is easy.

Search for the product you want to add.


Enter the name of the product you want to add in the top right search box in the diary. Click the search icon to perform the search.

Alternatively you can use the ‘Add to diary’ button in the side menu or by pressing Alt-F on your Windows keyboard and cmd-F on a Mac keyboard.

Search results


To add an item to your diary select a product (1), then select the quantity (2) and the meal (3) for that product.

You can enter a quantity using standard serving sizes, grams, ounces or kilos. For grams and ounces simply select the option, enter the weight and then click on the ‘Add selected product’ button (7).

For standard serving sizes select the ‘use standard serving sizes’ option. The default serving size will then be shown, you can change this by clicking on the selection box (8). Finally, enter the number of servings and then click on the ‘Add selected product’ button (7).

If you cannot find the product you can modify your search and search again or add the product you want to the main food database (4).

If you would like to see the nutritional information for the selected product click the ‘Show nutritional information’ (5) link.


Changing a products name


You can right click in windows, or control click on a mac in the product selection window to change its name.

Adding new products or editing existing product data


If you cannot find the product you want to add to the diary, simply click on th ‘Add new product’ link to add it to the database.

Manufacturers occasionally change their serving sizes or alter nutritional information, for example to reduce salt in their product.

If you find a product that is incorrect click the ‘Edit product data’ to update it. If you have internet searching turned on, the software will also notify Byoni anonymously that the product data may be incorrect so they can adjust the database, this ensures the product database is as accurate as possible for all users.

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