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Perfect Diet Tracker version 3.7 update now available

The Perfect Diet Tracker v3.7 and Tracker2Go v1.5.9 updates are now available for download direct from our website, or through the respective App stores.

Update Details

The Perfect Diet Tracker 3.7 update improves performance and stability and fixes a number of small bugs.

The food database has been expanded to over 105,000 products and the quick search is now more responsive.

A Dropbox cloud sync feature has been added, enabling sync in both the Apple iPhone and Android versions of Tracker2Go.

As usual, this is a free upgrade. If you purchased the an ‘App Store’, including the Mac App Store or the Intel AppUp Center please visit these store to download your update. If you purchased a license for the software outside of an App Store (including directly from this website) you can download the latest version using the download links on this page.

Whats next?

Our next priority is updates to the Tracker2Go apps, expect more updates soon!

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Syncing with iCloud

Yesterday Apple announced a new cloud based service called ‘iCloud’ would be launched later this year, offering users a number of new tools including a data sync service, all of which will be free.

We have supported a similiar service with the Perfect Diet Tracker at DropBox for some time now (see: how to keep your computers in sync), and the arrival of this new service sounds like a move in the right direction.

We will be working to ensure the Perfect Diet Tracker, and its mobile counterparts will work with the new service as soon as possible after it is launched, letting you keep all your devices data in sync!

In the meantime, if you want to keep your desktop computers in sync why now try the free Dropbox service?

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