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Dropbox out of sync

Solution It sounds like the Dropbox has somehow got out of sync.

We recommend you take a backup of your data first on your computer, then turn off the dropbox option on both your computer and phone. The computer should let you copy your current data to the default (non dropbox) location.

Now, delete the Tracker2Go folders in the Dropbox folder and empty your trash.

This should then clear all the Dropbox settings.

The final stage is to re-enable everything, which we recommend you do in the following sequence.

1. Start with Tracker2Go on your phone, this will create a Tracker2Go folder in the Dropbox folder.

2. Give this a minute to sync, then open the Perfect Diet Tracker and turn dropbox on there. It should detect existing data in the Dropbox folder (from Tracker2Go) and let you replace this with the current data.

3. Dropbox should then complete its sync, after which you can open Tracker2Go again and it should sync the data from the desktop and everything should be back in sync.
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