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Problems adding data on a Thursday (GMT+ countries)

Solution We have identified a problems with build 3.6.8 and early builds of 3.6.9 which affects users in GMT+ countries (eastern hemisphere including parts of Europe and Australasia).

Entries made on a Thursday in these countries are added to the database but may not show in the diary.

We have corrected this problem and issued a fix with the v3.6.9.3 release.

To download the latest version visit:

This update is available for all platforms (Windows, Mac & Linux)

Tracker2Go has also been updated and the update pushed to the Apple App Store for review. This update should be available shortly.


We have pushed an update to the App Store, however as Mac App review times can exceed 14 days and with the proximity of the Christmas holidays and the possibility with any update that the review can be declined we do not anticipate this update being posted on the App Store until the new year.

If you have purchased the app through the Mac App Store please open a ticket to contact us so we can help get your app up and running asap.
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