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We always recommend all users use the latest version of the Perfect Diet Tracker to gain access to the latest features and current product databases, however we appreciate some users may need to reinstall older versions for compatibility reasons or like to be using the latest cutting edge public beta version.

The following links will let you download alternate versions Perfect Diet Tracker.

Please note, beta versions are provided for test purposes only and we can only offer limited support. Unless you are technically savvy and happy to use a public beta version we recommend you download the current version of the Perfect Diet Tracker.
Current version
Older versions

Version Notes

Version 3.6.7 Beta contains significant code changes and database updates to enable seamless sync with mobile devices using Dropbox.

Once installed it is no longer possible to downgrade to previous versions and it is not possible to perform a Dropbox sync between this version and older versions of the software. It is therefore imperative you backup your user data before installing v3.6.7 to give a path back to previous versions.

If using Dropbox you must upgrade all your installations to v3.6.7 to allow them to keep in sync.

Older versions

If you require an older version of the software please contact us.

In most cases we will be able to assist in the upgrade to a current version or provide a download link to the required version.
Current customers

Check you have the latest version or request a replacement key.

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